Pentium 4 under the microscope

The Pentium 4 isn't here yet, but you can get a pretty good idea how it stacks up against AMD's current and future offerings by looking over the latest from Ace's Hardware, part six of their "Secrets of High Performance CPUs" series, an look at the Pentium 4's architecture. Johan explains quite lucidly how Intel's latest differs from the P6 core and from the Athlon, and why Intel made the design decisions they did. Excellent stuff.

If you want another take on the same issues, head over to Real World Tech for Paul DeMone's overview and defense of the Pentium 4's small, low-latency L1 cache. If these two articles are broadly correct, the Pentium 4 should be formidable competition for the Athlon and "Hammer" lines of CPUs from AMD.

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