Bugs in Apple's iPhone listed

Apple fan site AppleHound has compiled a rather extensive list of bugs it claims are affecting the newly-released iPhone. The list can be viewed here and includes no fewer than 68 bug entries. Before you go thinking Apple rushed a shoddy product to market, though, you should probably be aware that the majority of the listed bugs fit in AppleHound's "UI/Usability" category and are for the most part little user interface design nitpicks or inconsistencies. There are nonetheless a few serious entries, including seven for bugs that can cause crashes, hangs, or worse yet, data loss. There's also an entry for a "serious" bug that causes the iPhone's screen to flash off and on.

Luckily, according to CNet, Apple intends to deliver software updates for the iPhone on a regular basis. Those software updates will fix bugs and introduce new features, including the ability to cut and paste text.

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