Firefox market share hits 28% in Europe

Microsoft may have more or less closed the feature gap with Firefox when it introduced Internet Explorer 7 last year, but that hasn't stopped Mozilla's open-source browser from continuing to gain ground in some markets. Ars Technica quotes a report by web metrics firm XiTiMonitor that says Firefox's market share in Europe has risen from just over 20% to 27.8% since January 2006.

The XiTiMonitor number is an average of figures from 32 European countries, but the firm also has separate figures for each country, which Ars has kindly relayed. The data show Firefox is doing exceptionally well in northern E.U. countries like Finland, Poland, Ireland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, where the browser's market share has jumped to 45.4%, 39.5%, 38.6%, and 36.6%, respectively. Firefox also enjoys a prime spot in Slovenia, where it is employed by a whopping 47.9% of users.

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