Apple's rationale for shunning 3G explored

Some of the most heated criticism the iPhone receives is about its lack of support for third-generation mobile technology, also known as 3G. Apple justifies the omission by saying 3G solutions aren't low-power or integrated enough for its needs. Would the iPhone really be much worse off with 3G support? Anand Lal Shimpi over at Anandtech has run a number of tests on an iPhone and a Samsung Blackjack in order to find out.

He did indeed find that the logic needed for 3G support would require Apple to make the iPhone bulkier, and his findings with regard to battery life are quite interesting. Browsing the Internet using 3G on the Samsung Blackjack cuts battery life by almost 23% compared to Edge—and the iPhone, whether it's using Wi-Fi or Edge, lasts longer than the Blackjack in any mode. The effects of 3G on talk time are even more pronounced: using 3G reduces talk time by a whopping 52% on the Blackjack.

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