HP retains world's top PC maker title

Market research firm IDC has released PC market share numbers for the second quarter of this year, and it looks like HP is on top of the heap yet again. According to the numbers as relayed by CNet, HP led by a comfortable margin in the second quarter with 11.3 million PC shipments, compared to 9.5 million shipments for the next major player—Dell. That gives HP 19.3% of the overall market, or almost one in every five PCs sold. Next down was Chinese PC maker Lenovo, which usurped the number three spot from Taiwan's Acer. Acer slipped to fourth.

In the U.S. market, Asian PC makers aren't doing anywhere near as well. IDC says Dell was king of the hill in the States last quarter with 28.4% of shipments, followed by HP with 23.6%, Gateway with 5.6%, and Apple also with 5.6%. The largest far eastern representative in the U.S. was Toshiba, which stood in fifth place with 5.3% of shipments. However, CNet says research firm Gartner has different numbers that place Acer in fourth place in the U.S. and Apple in sixth place.

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