45nm Core 2 Extreme coming in the fourth quarter

Information regarding Intel's upcoming 45nm processors seems to be leaking regularly these past few days. We've already heard a good amount of details about 45nm Xeons, and now DigiTimes has received word about Intel's first 45nm desktop processor. The site says the chip will be a $999 Core 2 Extreme part, and that it will launch some time in the fourth quarter of this year—the same time frame AMD is expected to introduce its first Phenom processors. AMD could have a tough time stealing the performance crown from Intel, too. DigiTimes says the upcoming 45nm Core 2 Extreme will be clocked at no less than 3.33GHz with 12MB of L2 cache and a 1333MHz front-side bus.

As if that weren't enough, Intel reportedly plans to introduce two additional 45nm desktop chips "soon after" the 45nm Core 2 Extreme launch. Both will have the same 12MB of cache and 1333MHz FSB. In the first half of next year, DigiTimes says an additional six 45nm Intel chips will hit store shelves—three with 6MB of cache and a 1333MHz FSB, and three with 3MB of cache and a 1066MHz FSB.

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