OCZ cranks up DDR3 memory to 1800MHz

DDR3 memory has been out on store shelves for only a couple of months now, and already OCZ Technology has introduced a new DDR3 memory kit rated for operation at a cool 1800MHz. This new PC3-14400 Platinum Edition memory won't win any awards for low latencies, though: at 1800MHz, it has rated timings of 8-8-8-27. It also requires 1.9V, which is 0.4V above the standard 1.5V setting for DDR3 memory.

OCZ is introducing PC3-14400 Platinum Edition memory in both 2GB dual-channel kits and lone 1GB modules. Each module is outfitted with OCZ's trademark "platinum-mirrored" heat spreaders and "hand-tested for quality assurance and compatibility." The firm doesn't say how much the modules will cost, but considering some 2GB DDR3-1333 memory kits sell for around half a grand each, don't expect to grab them at DDR2 prices.

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