AMD rolls out Catalyst 7.7 graphics drivers

The time has come for AMD's monthly Catalyst graphics driver update. New Catalyst 7.7 drivers are now available for Windows XP, Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista x64, and other operating systems. According to AMD, the new drivers can improve performance in some Far Cry maps by 13.2% or more on systems with Radeon HD 2400, 2600, or 2900 graphics cards in both single- and multi-GPU configurations. The drivers also introduce support for "12X" and "24X" antialiasing modes on Radeon HD 2600 and 2900 cards. Those two AA modes can be enabled by turning on the anti-aliasing edge detect filter with 4X and 8X AA settings, respectively. Last, but not least, AMD implemented a handful of new Avivo features and tweaks:
  • Enhanced video color pages with two new color controls1: flesh tone correction and color vibrance
  • Enhanced video quality pages with easier to use de-interlacing controls and layout
  • Simplified Theater Mode2 controls, layout and now supporting Windows Vista
  • Enhanced quick settings for video controls (available through the basic layout in Catalyst Control Center)
  • Easy to use display scaling controls2 when outputting to display devices that support TV timings (480i/p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) through either digital (DVI or HDMI) or analog (component) interfaces
  • The first feature is only available on Radeon HD graphics cards in Windows Vista, while AMD says the fourth and sixth features are available for Radeon X1000-series and Radeon HD cards only.

    On the bug fixes front, AMD has ironed out issues in Call of Juarez, Doom 3, Lost Planet, Monsters Inc., Pacific Fighters, Prey, Quake 3, and Quake 4. Release notes containing a complete list of enhancements, bug fixes, and leftover issues are available on this page.

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