Poll: What HD disc type are you likely to use?

We've put up a new poll for your voting pleasure, and this week's topic is, "Which next-gen DVD format are you most likely to use or buy?" Blu-ray seems to be gaining the upper hand in the U.S. market thanks in part to the PlayStation 3. However, the battle of high-definition formats has only recently begun, and customers are still picking sides. So, are you a Blu-ray guy, do you prefer HD DVD, or are you content with plain old DVDs? Feel free to cast your vote by heading to our poll now.

In last week's poll, we asked how much of your total hard drive capacity was in use. The results aren't too surprising: more TR readers have their hard drives filled to the brim than not. Folks that are part of the largest voting population, which represents 35% of votes, use between 81% and 100% of their total hard drive space. Those who are part of the second-biggest population (30%) use 61-80%, while folks in third biggest (21%) use 41-60%, those in the fourth biggest (11%) use up 21-40%, and those in the smallest population (3%) only use up to 20% of their hard drive space.

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