AMD confirms late fourth quarter Phenom launch

For the past few weeks now, the rumor mill has been grinding away with talk of AMD's upcoming Phenom being delayed until November, December, or possibly even early next year. In its second quarter financial results conference call yesterday afternoon, AMD put an end to rumors and speculation by citing a specific time frame for the Phenom launch: the fourth quarter of this year. But don't expect to nab a spanking new Phenom X4 anytime before Thanksgiving. AMD's precise statement about the subject was:
We'll be shipping the Phenom variants of the new products in Q4, but frankly that's gonna be late enough in Q4 that, while there'll be some contribution to the bottom line, it won't be substantial.
In other words, the rumors we heard at Computex about the Phenom launch being scheduled for November or December are probably not too far off the mark. Judging by AMD's remarks, a launch some time in December seems likeliest. Investors may not have to brace for yet another rough quarter, though. Delay or not, AMD said it expects to break even in Q4.
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