New Nvidia chipsets to arrive in November

Nvidia is planning to introduce a slew of new chipsets in November, according to a report by VR-Zone. At the high end, the site says Nvidia will launch chipsets code-named C72 and C73 that will be able to accommodate Intel's upcoming 45nm "Penryn" processors. C72 will support 1600MHz front-side bus speeds and DDR3-1600 memory, while C73 will be able to handle only 1333MHz front-side buses and DDR2-1066 RAM. Each chipset will have two variants denoted by "XE" and "P" suffices. An XE suffix will indicate support for three PCI Express graphics slots with a full 16 lanes of bandwidth each, while a P suffix will imply dual graphics slots with eight lanes per slot.

At the low end, VR-Zone has word of an MCP78 chipset also poised for a November launch, but for AMD processors. MCP78 will reportedly be Nvidia's first DirectX 10-class integrated graphics chipset, and it will bring support for rumored Hybrid SLI technology.

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