— 2:32 AM on October 7, 2000


  • Tom's Hardware covers VIA Tech Forum 2000
  • PC Mech's Registry tips and tweaks
  • HardwareSoftware interviews 3dfx's Alf Covey
  • Forbes considers computing in the car
  • The Tech Zone builds the dream system
  • SL crystal ball: a look into the future of computing
  • SystemLogic - A Guru's World: I have a certain respect for lightning

  • Rojak Pot's guide to L2 cache latency
  • SysReview reviews Acentia Linux Notebook 630 (PIII 700 w/Win2K and Redhat)
  • HardwareCentral's pushes the clockspeed envelope: pipelining (CPU)
  • on the odds of hitting 1 GHz
  • Review Zone's Duron roundup
  • Sharky's Duron vs. Celeron overclocking shootout
  • Gaming In 3d! reviews Pentium III 1 GHz
  • Gaming2k reviews Thunderbird 1 GHz

  • Virtual Hideout shows how to modify your BIOS logo
  • Ars Technica's motherboard guide
  • AT reviews Iwill KV200-R socket A with ATA-100 RAID
  • Guru3D reviews MSI KT7 Pro socket A
  • SlotA reviews Epox 8KTA+ socket A
  • Penstar reviews Tyan Trinity KT socket A
  • Target PC reviews Tyan Trinity KT socket A
  • AnandTech reviews Chaintech CT-7AIV2 socket A micro ATX

  • SysOpt considers Quad Data Rate SDRAM technology
  • FiringSquad's memory performance part I
  • Tech Extreme's Sea of Rambus article
  • Jsi Hardware's reader-submitted home made RAMsinks
Graphics and multimedia

  • 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 specs from 3D Concept
  • 3D Spotlight's Voodoo 4/5 tweak guide
  • AnandTech's guide to digital camera reviewing
  • GamePC's Digital Origin IntroDV review
  • Digit-Life's panoramas and programs for its creating article
  • Sharky Extreme's Panasonic Showstopper review
  • MacOS3DRetreat reviews 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI for the Mac (catcalls, whistles)
  • Tech Extreme chronicles NVIDIA's company history

  • HardwareCentral's battle of giants: Atlas 10K vs. Atlas 10K II
  • Technoyard reviews DiamondMax 80GB
  • GD reviews Seagate Cheetah X15 U160 SCSI
  • One2surf reviews Trek ThumbDrive
  • Burning CDs successfully with Windows 2000
MP3 report

  • Tom's reviews Creative Jukebox and Diamond Rio 500 MP3 players
  • t-break reviews CL Nomad Jukebox
  • Active-Hardware reviews MP3 Solutions portable MP3 player

  • Hardware Avenue reviews Kanie Hedgehog 238A HSF
  • Affordable water cooling system @ Adrian's Rojak Pot
Software reviews

  • SuperSite for Windows looks into WinMe PC health
  • 3DGPU previews Giants: Citizen Kabuto
  • BootMax shows how to get the max out of your FPS
  • ApusHardware previews MS Office 10 beta 1
  • Extreme OC reviews Modem Booster and Stay Connected!
Pot pourri

  • Hexus build a BayBus
  • Rage Underground shows how to run MadOnion's XL-R8R @ higher resolutions
  • Dans Data does flash card reader round-up
  • nV News reviews Linksys cable router
  • PCinsight reviews HP Scanjet 3300C scanner
  • Gamers Depot reviews Turtle Beach Santa Crux 6-speaker PCI sound card
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