Unreal Engine 3 grievances examined

Last week, Silicon Knights sued Epic Games on the grounds that Epic's latest game engine—Unreal Engine 3—was allegedly incomplete and had not been adequately supported. In the aftermath of the lawsuit announcement, the guys over at Shacknews have sought comments from other game developers who are using or have also used Unreal Engine 3 to develop games. Interviewees include Gearbox, Running With Scissors, Chair Entertainment Group, and an unnamed major games developer.

Some of those developers seem to echo Silicon Knights' grievances regarding Epic's Unreal Engine 3, while others are more forgiving of Epic and seem to have been able to carry out their work without running into major hindrances. The developers' inputs also shed light on some of the initial shortcomings of the engine, such as the multi-threaded renderer, which was supposedly delivered "many many months" after Epic first promised it.

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