TSMC sampling 45nm Fusion chips for AMD?

Financial services firm JPMorgan has issued a report that suggests Taiwanese foundry TSMC may have scored a contract to produce "Fusion" processors for AMD, according to DigiTimes. JPMorgan reportedly expects TSMC to expand its 45nm process technology to microprocessor production in the first quarter of 2008, although "meaningful sales" aren't expected until late 2008 or early 2009. The financial firm's report also says AMD has begun field-testing bulk silicon-based microprocessors.

We first heard rumors that AMD was planning to outsource production of some of its Fusion chips to TSMC back in February of this year. Back then, AMD was said to be developing two versions of the upcoming microprocessor/graphics processor chimera: one for its own German fabs, and one for bulk silicon production at TSMC. Following increased speculation about potential outsourcing of CPU production, however, AMD issued a statement earlier this month saying it hadn't changed its fab plans and would continue to rely on TSMC for graphics and chipset manufacturing only.

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