OCZ announces 8GB memory kit for AMD systems

AMD may be in a tough spot at the moment—both financially and in terms of its processors' competitiveness—but that's not stopping some companies from catering to Athlon users. One of those companies is OCZ, which has introduced an 8GB memory kit it says is "designed exclusively" for AMD's Socket AM2 platform. The PC2-5400 Titanium AM2 Special comes in two flavors, with either two or four 2GB DDR2-667 modules rated for operation at 667MHz with 5-5-5-15 timings. Nothing spectacular there, but OCZ says the kits feature performance tweaks for Socket AM2 systems:
With 11 column address bit support by the AM2 memory controller, the number of addresses in each row or page can be as high as 2048 individual entries for a page size of 16kbit. Unlike modules based on standard 10-bit column address chips with an "8k" page size, the new Titanium AM2 Special modules take advantage of the AM2 controller’s feature set and provide a single rank solution with 2GB density using "16k" pages. This allows the controller to stay "in page" twice as long compared to standard memory architectures, thereby achieving unparalleled performance.
OCZ also says its warranty covers the modules from their default voltage range of 1.8-2.0V up to 2.1V, so users may be able to squeeze a few extra MHz out of them.
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