Seagate to give up on IDE

Motherboards and storage controllers with Serial ATA ports have been around for years now, but pretty much every hard drive manufacturer continues to offer drives with old-fashioned IDE connectivity. However, the tide seems to be turning for IDE. The Inquirer has word from sources in the distribution channel that Seagate intends to start phasing out IDE drives this year. Seagate has reportedly briefed distributors with news that "nearly all" of its top-end hard drives will be offered only in SATA flavors by the end of this year. According to Seagate's roadmaps, The Inq quotes its sources as saying, IDE is "at the end of the road."

Seagate won't be the first hard drive manufacturer to shun IDE for some of its hard drive models. Western Digital, for instance, has already phased out IDE from most of its enterprise hard drive lineup and some of its desktop lineup—mainly high speed and high capacity models. Western Digital's newly announced Caviar GP lineup will also be SATA-only.

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