Windows Vista share was 4.52% in June

Windows Vista use is increasing slowly but surely, according to a Net Applications report quoted by ComputerWorld. The metrics company says Microsoft's new operating system accounted for 4.52% of all systems on the Web last month. That's not much, but it's higher than the figures for May (3.74%), April (3.02%), March (2.04%), and February (0.93%).

Net Applications says Vista use has been steadily growing since the operating system's launch on January 30. Other operating systems haven't been so lucky. Indeed, Net Applications says Apple's MacOS X had a higher market share than Vista's last month (6%), but that its market share has actually decreased since January, when it accounted for 6.22% of all systems on the Web. At this rate, Net Applications says, Vista should overtake OS X by the end of August.

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