TR Forum Tidings: Will history repeat itself?

Today's forum tidings topic comes courtesy of gerbil nstuff, who asked in our AMD Asylum forum whether other gerbils think history is likely to repeat itself in the processor world. In his thread, nstuff points to TR's review archive and our early encounters with AMD's very first Athlon 64 processors. Indeed, there are similarities between AMD's position in mid-2003 and its position now. Back then, AMD was stuck with a processor architecture that was growing increasingly inadequate, and it was losing ground to Intel at the high end.

However, things changed rather dramatically after the September Athlon 64 launch, and AMD largely regained its edge while its competitor stumbled with power consumption and clock scaling problems. Do you think history might repeat itself this year—or the next—or do you think Phenom won't be enough to give AMD its groove back? Feel free to hit nstuff's thread to share your opinions.

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