Alienware notebooks sport dual solid-state drives

We've already seen high-end notebooks sporting RAID configurations, and we've seen ultra-portable notebooks outfitted with solid-state drives instead of any mechanical storage. Well, as DailyTech reports, Alienware has combined the two technologies—RAID and SSD—in its high-powered notebook systems. The Area-51 m9750 and Aurora m9700 laptops can now all be configured with dual 32GB SSDs running in RAID 0, where striping combines their storage capacity and can lead to faster performance.

RAID 0 is frowned upon in some circles due to its lack of fault tolerance, but since SSDs aren't as prone to failure as their mechanical counterparts, striping's biggest disadvantage doesn't look so bad. For users who don't want dual SSDs, Alienware also offers systems with a lone 32GB SSD or a dual-drive configuration made up of one 32GB SSD and one 200GB hard drive.

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