AMD looks to squeeze more memory in servers

In the wake of its none-too-satisfying second quarter financial results announcement, AMD has announced plans to introduce a new technology that promises to boost the memory capacity of its future server systems. Known as the Socket G3 Memory Extender (G3MX), the technology is currently being developed by AMD in collaboration with IDT and Inphi.

According to eWeek, G3MX will allow next-gen Opteron-based servers to address 16 memory modules per core instead of eight. For instance, a G3MX-based server powered by two quad-core Opterons should be able to juggle as many as 128 DIMMs for a total of 256GB or even 512GB of RAM. G3MX tech also supports DDR3 memory.

AMD says G3MX technology is scheduled to roll out in 2009. It’ll show up around the time AMD “introduces its next-generation architecture enhancements,” the company says.

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