'Fusion' to be a multi-chip package?

AMD has made a big deal of the fact that its upcoming quad-core Barcelona and Phenom processors are "natively" quad-core—that is, not a pair of dual-core chips slapped together in the same package like Intel's current quad-core offerings. However, the folks at The Inquirer say they have word that "Fusion", AMD's upcoming microprocessor/graphics processor chimera, will be a dual-chip module. One of the chips on the package will include the microprocessor, memory controller, and HyperTransport logic, while the other will include the graphics processor alone and will reportedly be hooked up to the CPU "with AMD's own tech."

The Inq says Fusion's microprocessor chip will be manufactured by AMD and Chartered Semiconductor, while the GPU will be manufactured by Taiwanese foundry TSMC. This rumor suggests that TSMC does indeed have a role in Fusion manufacturing, but not in the way everyone seems to think.

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