ATI posts $45 million loss

ATI posted a $45.2 million loss for the quarter ending August 31. This loss is less than the previous quarter with ATI declaring profits of $64.6 million for the fiscal year ending in August. Europe bashing continues, as ATI is blaming fourth quarter losses on falling market activity in Europe. The Register is reporting the story as "losses shrink as revenues rise" but you wonder where the silver lining is. The 166 vs. 183 mhz OEM Radeon controversy continues to swirl around ATI as well. Although Rage 3D remains bullish on ATI, how many of you believe that ATI will release the Radeon MAXX in late October/early November as shown on this roadmap? While NVIDIA has just issued this press release saying that they will issue $400 million in common stock and convertible subordinated notes due in 2007, they may have hit a pothole themselves. PC Rave has a note on a component shortage which will limit the release of the GeForce 2 Ultra, possibly pushing back the release date into November. NVIDIA appears to be crackling on, but as tech stocks continue to plunge almost across the board, you wonder what is really going on with this industry.
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