AMD discusses future graphics processors

Processors weren't the only subject of discussion at AMD's analyst day presentation yesterday. The company also talked a little about its upcoming graphics processors in the professional, desktop, and mobile segments. On the professional side of things, AMD is putting the finishing touches on its R600-based FireGL, which it expects to introduce later this quarter. The card should essentially be a sibling of the Radeon HD 2900 XT tweaked for professional 3D applications like computer aided design, digital content creation, visualization, and so on.

On the desktop, AMD briefly revealed what it calls CrossFire 2.0, which seems to be a quad-GPU graphics solution.

Source: AMD.

Four-way CrossFire only seems logical when one considers that AMD's RD790 reference board boasts four PCI Express x16 slots. As we said yesterday, AMD has already demonstrated a system with three Radeon HD 2900 XT cards. However, it looks like there's no room on that mobo for four cards with dual-slot coolers.

AMD also gave a quick sneak peek of desktop and notebook graphics processors on schedule for 2008. AMD's desktop roadmap we put up yesterday mentions an R7xx graphics processor based on 55nm process technology and featuring "DirectX 10+" support, AMD's Universal Video Decoder, and PCI Express 2.0 compatibility. In the mobile space, AMD is cooking up an M8X graphics processor also based on 55nm process technology and featuring both DirectX 10+ support and UVD.

Source: AMD.

Last, but not least, AMD shared its vision for the future of discrete graphics processors.

Source: AMD.

AMD expects future GPU usage patterns to involve muscle-based animation, more physical simulations, fancier camera effects (depth of field, motion blur, etc.), as well as increased geometry and texture detail. The company also has DisplayPort in its sights, although it didn't actually discuss DisplayPort implementations. Judging by roadmaps from AMD's previous analyst day, though, it looks like AMD has support for the new display interface scheduled for 2008 on the mobile front.

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