The fourth annual TR BBQ is tomorrow

You may have seen plans brewing in the forums for a while now. Some of the regulars are planning yet another BBQ and get-together. Here's the skinny on tomorrow's festivities, courtesy of TR regular Dposcorp:
It started as a simple way to get together and meet some fellow Tech Report members in real life. Then someone said we should share a few drinks. Others said that we should all get a bite to eat. From those ideas, the Tech Report BBQ was born. That was in June, 2004.

Saturday, July 28, 2007, the 4th annual Tech Report BBQ is back.

This time, we have moved from our usual location outside Detroit (because the gunshots kept startling us), to a place on Lake Michigan, on the west side of the state, hosted by our own drfish.

Z-man is the BBQ king, kinda like our own lil’Emeril, and this year he will be kicking it up a notch, if these photos are real and not just a single rib photoshopped.

Finally, we get to see drfish and Leor settle the bet of who is the “TR F@H Folding Masta.”

Post in the thread and/or contact drfish if you want to show up.

Food will be eaten, adult drinks consumed, hardware swapped, and bean bags tossed.

Sounds like a good time! I suppose I should insert a disclaimer that this isn't an officially sanctioned TR event, just so the lawyers don't get us. This is something the guys have agreed to do among themselves. That said, I had hoped to make it there, but sadly, this crazy job of mine is keeping me away. Perhaps next year.
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