Friday Night Topic: Things you wish didn't change

This week's Friday Night Topic comes from the unlikeliest of sources: my mother. Inspired by a newspaper column she can't seem to find, Mom suggests this week's topic cover all those things in life we wish would stay just the way they are. Progress is a given in this industry, and while I chase some innovations with all the eager anticipation of an early adopter, even I can name a few things I'd rather not change. Take my old New Balance 1060 running shoes, for example. They were perfect, and when their cushioning lost its spring and I needed to replace them, I learned that they had been supplanted by an ugly monstrosity dubbed the 1061.

At least I had the option of picking up a successor to the 1060. Many products disappear from the market without new models to replace them. Books and albums go out of print, changes in style banish all manner of clothing from racks before their season is out, and countless items are banished forever to overpriced Ebay auctions—that is if they're lucky enough to be rare or collectible.

What do you wish didn't change? Do you have any favorite products that have been replaced by inferior successors, or others that you simply can't buy anymore?


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