Santa Rosa makes its way to Mini-ITX

Akbia PC Hotline! has the scoop (in Japanese, translate here) on a clever motherboard from iBASE that packs Intel's Santa Rosa mobile platform into a Mini-ITX form factor. The MI910 features Intel GM965 north bridge and ICH8M south bridge components and support for mobile Core 2 Duo processors at front-side bus speeds up to 800MHz. You also get a couple of DDR2 DIMM slots, two Serial ATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet options, standard and Mini PCI slots, and integrated GMA X3100 graphics—all on a board that measures just 17 cm x 17 cm.

The MI910's lack of a PCI Express x16 expansion slot certainly limits its gaming potential, but the board's tiny footprint makes it an excellent candidate for homebrew alternatives to Apple's Mac mini. Don't expect to build a cheaper mini, though; the MI910 alone is currently selling for the equivalent of over $450, while a complete mini can be had for $599.

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