Project Offset trailer released

A couple of years ago, a tech demo surfaced showing a quick scene from a new epic fantasy-style first-person shooter known only as Project Offset. The game was being put together by just three people, but already it featured a rather impressive 3D engine and professional-looking art. Well, Project Offset is back in the spotlight, this time thanks to a a full-blown cinematic trailer. is hosting this trailer in both standard definition and high definition formats. The trailer shows some concept art, a bunch of third-person melee combat, and what looks like an epic Lord of the Rings-style siege in some kind of citadel. Oh, and there appear to be dragons.

According to the trailer, the final game will feature class-based gameplay, a hybrid combat system, rideable creatures, and squad-based multiplayer. There's no word yet on when it's coming out or who will publish the title, though. For more information, check out the official Project Offset website.

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