And on the seventh day, God rested

Just when we thought that our working model of the universe was complete, it looks like we will be looking for a new one. Speaking of God complexes, Johnny D. must be feeling it as he follows his broadside against AMD with an article defending Apple. The last line is a beauty. Other analysts weigh in on Apple's current slump, which may have its origins online (and not because of MacOS Rumors). Apple's difficulties may be attributed to the fact that the world has changed while their underlying business model has not.

MSNBC considers Apple's work in progress NeXT OS. In a cogent editorial, Evan Leibovitch opines on Apple's Unix gamble. It is ironic to think that Apple's OS X makes the user interface more difficult just as the Linux UI is getting easier to use. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Linux is being forecast as the second most popular OS by 2004. This review of the latest bio of Steve Jobs says that the "Second Coming" is not.

Notebooks using Transmeta's Crusoe processor are being released into a crowded field as Transmeta will be selling 13 million shares of its stock priced between $11-$13 in preparation for its upcoming IPO. What the ongoing decline in stock market prices shows is that technology companies must be able to adapt to a changing and fickle market or risk becoming irrelevant.

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