id extends MegaTexture across game world

Shacknews has a short interview up with id Software's Kevin Cloud and Steve Nix that covers engine licensing and multiplatform support for the company's next game engine. Most interesting is this little nugget, which will supposedly be explained in more detail at QuakeCon:
We'll share more very soon, but it's also an extension of our MegaTexture solution, to where it's not just MegaTexture on the base terrain anymore. The MegaTexture extends to the entire world, including objects and characters. Really, you're completely eliminating texture constraints, and for console developers it's one of the major constraints they deal with. Everyone makes the game look really good at the beginning--they pile on textures, pile on textures--but then you make the game look worse and worse as you approach ship. You absolutely don't have that concern with id Tech 5. You can make the game look better and better--you can lock gameplay and just have artists go to town, with six artists working a map simultaneously with zero impact on performance or stability. That's a huge win.
Interestingly, id also says that its latest engine is already up and running at "high framerate" on Mac, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 platforms.
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