TR Forum Tidings: Keeping AMD afloat

Our forum tidings post for this week comes courtesy of TR gerbil vince, who posted a thread in our Intel Realm forum advising Intel users to buy AMD chips. Vince says many users are switching from AMD to Intel for a little extra performance, and he argues that buying AMD chips instead would help ensure that competition continues in the processor market—thus guaranteeing low prices and speedy release cycles. The thread has its fair share of AMD loyalists, but some also say they don't care what the brand their processor is—they just want whatever offers the best performance for their money.

What about you? Would you buy or recommend AMD out of principle in order to make sure Intel doesn't regain its dominion over the processor market, or are you less interested in branding or processor market politics and more interested in raw value? If you have any insights to share, feel free to head to vince's thread and reply. As always, don't forget to register a forums account if you don't already have one.

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