Intel to push WiMax next year

Expect to see Intel and its partners make a major push next year to establish WiMax as the high-speed wireless networking protocol of choice, EE Times reports. In fact, the site says Intel is hoping to make the WiMax standard "as popular as Wi-Fi is today." One major step toward achieving this goal will be the introduction of WiMax support in Intel's next-generation "Montevina" notebook platform, which is expected to roll out in the second quarter of 2008. Quoting the VP and general manager of Intel's WiMax Program Office, EE Times also says WiMax-enabled devices will appear next year together with WiMax networks from two wireless carriers—Sprint Nextel and Clearwire.

Compared to 802.11n Wi-Fi, which supports transfer speeds up to 248Mbps (31MB/s) and distances of up to 230 feet (70m), WiMax can handle data rates up to 70Mbps (8.75MB/s) and distances up to 30 miles (48km).

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