Poll time: Integrated or discrete audio?

This week we're tackling audio, and more specifically, whether yours comes integrated on your motherboard or on a discrete sound card. Integrated audio has made great strides over the years, and with digital output, fidelity can rival that of fancy sound cards. However, discrete solutions tend to have the edge when it comes to features and performance with positional 3D audio. So which side of the fence are you on? Are you taking advantage of your motherboard's "free" integrated audio or did you pony up for an actual sound card? Vote and let us know.

In our last poll, we asked whether you were more likely to adopt Blu-ray or HD DVD as a next-gen DVD format. Somewhat unsurprisingly, 41% don't intend to adopt either. Among those who are eyeing a DVD upgrade, 35% are more likely to side with Blu-ray, while 24% favor HD DVD. The PlayStation 3's Blu-ray support no doubt wins that format some backers, but it will be interesting to see if price cuts on the Xbox 360's HD DVD drive can spur sales of that format, especially since you can plug the drive into a standard PC.

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