id Software shows off next game

We weren't at QuakeCon this year, but that doesn't mean you folks should miss out on all the excitement. And one of the most exciting showpieces at QuakeCon this year was undoubtedly id's demonstration of Rage, the company's next game and first title that won't be part of the Wolfenstein, Doom, or Quake (or Commander Keen, for that matter) franchises.

FileShack has a high-definition version of id's Rage trailer up over here, while Shacknews has a streaming low-def version on this page. The trailer runs for about a minute and shows a game that seems to be half first-person shooter and half racing game. It also shows off a number of fancy 3D effects like depth of field, soft shadows, and light beams courtesy of the new id Tech 5 engine. For those who'd like to see more, FileShack also has an eight-minute developer walkthrough that provides a closer look at Rage. The walkthrough video does weigh in at a hefty 443.5MB, though.

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