As the world turns...

...the memory wars continue. Originally, Rambus filed a complaint with the ITC alleging that Hyundai was violating their patents. On the same day that the ITC agreed to investigate Hyundai, Rambus abruptly dropped their complaint and announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against Hyundai instead. Is that because Infineon has turned the tables on Rambus and alleged that Rambus (RDRAM is included in this lawsuit) is violating Infineon's patents?

iXBT Labs has posted their October hardware news overview. They say that 333 MHz PC2600 DDR memory will see its debut in the second half of 2001. More bad news trickles in for Rambus, whose stock price remains high, as the faltering Intel seems to be revving up their plans for a DDR chipset. iXBT pins a date on the release of the Guillemot Hercules GeForce 2 Ultra as Friday, October 13. The choice cut is that the GF2 Ultra itself may be an interim solution and that the NV20 may come to market in autumn. This will bear some watching. Their overview is always a good read.

Some analysts are warning of a decline in demand citing Dell's credibility problems and in spite of memory maker Micron's robust gains this past quarter. Michael Dell stands in marked contrast with this puff piece on AMD president Hector Ruiz. Other analysts continue to believe that the semiconductor market will grow steadily, even going so far as to dispute the lack of demand in the European PC market. Should the government step in to rein in the analysts? One of the biggest legacies of the Clinton administration may be a stronger enforcement of antitrust. Former trustbuster Joel Klein is interviewed here and there is speculation on who will replace him in the next administration. Technology stocks have driven the new economy, but is having Windows in your car going a bit too far?

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