3GHz, 3.2GHz chips join AMD's Opteron lineup

AMD has quietly added four new high-end offerings to its Opteron processor lineup. The new Opteron 2224 SE and 8224 SE chips are clocked at 3.2GHz and fit into two-way and four/eight-way servers, respectively. As for the new Opterons 2222 SE and 8222 SE, they run at 3GHz and also slip into two and four/eight-way server systems, as indicated by the leading digit in their model numbers. All four chips are based on the same Santa Rosa core as other Socket F Opterons, and they all feature 1MB of cache per core.

Despite AMD's seemingly total silence about the new chips, AnandTech was able to put together a review with benchmarks comparing AMD's newcomers to the latest and greatest server offerings from Intel. Compared to dual 3GHz Xeon 5160 chips, dual 3.2GHz Opterons seem to be slower in SPECjbb2005, MySQL, and 3ds max 9 but faster in Cinebench and WinRAR. However, things get a lot less rosy for AMD once you swap dual-core Xeons for quad-core ones, and they're bound to get even worse once Intel releases four-way-capable quad-core Xeons later this quarter. Luckily for AMD, four-way-capable quad-core "Barcelona" Opterons are scheduled for next month.

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