TR Forum Tidings: Photo printing

This week's forum tidings topic comes courtesy of TR forum gerbil FireGryphon, who created a thread in our General Hardware forum to inquire about photo printers. FireGryphon says in-depth printer reviews are hard to come by, and he thus wishes to rely on the TR collective to pick out a suitable device. His current printer is an HP Deskjet 5650, but its use of combined color cartridges makes it expensive to keep up and running, and FireGryphon thinks there are more accurate offerings out there.

A few folks have had a chance to reply already. Recommendations include a handful of Canon printers like the Pixma Pro 9000, but some gerbils are also partial to third-party photo services. Regular danny e. also posted some comparative shots of prints from a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 and a Kodak Pro 1400. What about you? Do you print photos, and if so, what is your weapon of choice? Feel free to hit FireGryphon's thread to share your thoughts. And as always, if you don't already have a forums account, you can register one here.

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