OCZ lets users reprogram memory

Last year, Nvidia and Corsair joined forces to introduce "Enhanced Performance Profiles," a standard designed to allow overclocking-relevant settings to be pre-programmed onto the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) chip of DRAM modules. OCZ Technology has now introduced a new memory technology based on a similar concept: SPD-Z. According to OCZ, SPD-Z Technology allows end users to take matters into their own hands and reprogram the SPD chip on their memory. Reprogramming the SPD with SPD-Z is done independently of BIOS tweaks, and it can reportedly help enhance memory performance and/or compatibility.

OCZ has already released the first public beta of its SPD-Z tool on its tech support forum. The firm has this to say about the tool:

The tool is very easy to use and will actually look at the part number on the modules and point you to SPD's available on the repository here on the OCZ forum specific to the modules part number. All the end user has to do is make sure the system is 100% stable and not over clocked during the reflash of the modules, once complete the end user can reboot and commence testing.
OCZ also mentions that the SPD-Z tool works from Windows and does not require booting into DOS or using the command prompt.
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