New iMac unboxed, examined

As we reported yesterday, Apple has refreshed its iMac lineup with new, sleeker-looking models that boast a redesigned aluminum and glass enclosure and a super-thin keyboard. The guys at Engadget have now gotten their hands on one of the systems and have relayed their first impressions.

They say the system feels snappy, but that its display isn't anything to write home about. "Despite its still very decent 380cd/m2, 750:1 CR display, contrast was still very low, and working with objects and icons white window space was even at times strenuous on our eyes," Engadget explains. The site is also not a big fan of the new keyboard, whose keys lack ridges to help position one's fingers. Nonetheless, Engadget believes the new iMac is "straight up the thinnest, sexiest Mac desktop machine Apple's produced to date."

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