Fujitsu preps 1.2TB notebook hard drives for 2010

A new storage technology discovered by Fujitsu could pave the way for storage capacities of as much as 1.2TB on notebook hard drives in less than three years, according to a report by PC World. The site says Fujitsu will announce later this week that it has "created ideally 'ordered' alumina nanohole patterns for isolated bit-by-bit recording on a large disk area." This technology reportedly enables read/write operations to be performed on "each individual nanohole of the patterned media" using a flying drive head and a rotating disk platter. Fujitsu Computer Products of America VP of Business Development Joel Hagberg tells PC World the technology will give Fujitsu the means to develop 2.5" mobile hard drives capable of storing 1.2TB of data across just two platters as early as 2010.
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