Some reviews on a Sunday afternoon

  • PCinsight has a two page update to their original 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 review with new benchmarks using the 1.03 driver and WickedGL mini-driver from 9/22. The test system is a Celeron 566@893 on a Soyo 6BA+IV and they also test with FSAA.
  • Adrian Wong of Adrian's Rojak Pot has also updated his sublime BIOS guide to version 5.3 with all the fix-in's. New functions include DRAM read latch delay / interleave time, byte merge, and PCI pipeline / pipeling.
  • Amdworld has a somewhat critical user's perspective on the Abit KT7. They compare it to the Asus A7V.
  • TweakTown reviews the RAID version and benches it against the MSI K7T Pro and FIC AZ 11. Their justification to use Star Trek Armada as a benchmark is that it is designed to use with Athlon systems and optimized for the 3DNow! instruction set.
  • PC Roddin takes a four page look at the DFI AK74-SC which unfortunately does not have any means of changing the multiplier.
  • Lost Circuits reviews the Transcend TS-ASL3 i815e. The usual good stuff from MS.
  • The Register has word of Sanyo's Symbian Quartz hybrid phone/PDA.
  • Finally, Sorcerer's Place has a walk-through for Baldur's Gate II.
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