Deal of the week: Western Digital's 750GB SE16

The star of this week's deal post is Western Digital's 750GB Caviar SE16 hard drive. This drive launched with a $249.99 price tag barely two months ago, and already the people at Mwave are offering it for a scant $189.90. At that price, you're paying just over 25 cents per gigabyte, which is in the same league as more value-oriented, sub-$100 hard drives.

We should of course point out that Seagate, too, offers a 750GB hard drive around the $200 mark: the 750GB Barracuda 7200.10. However, the 'cuda is slightly more expensive, more power-hungry, louder, and slower overall than the SE16. Its only redeeming feature is the five-year warranty coverage (WD only covers the 750GB SE16 for three years), but we think the SE16 is the better overall value proposition here.

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