TR reviews Shuttle's 10X DVD drive

When it comes to CD-ROM drives, I am easily annoyed. Too many of 'em promise amazing speeds, but don't deliver. Too many fail at some basic task, like reading CD-RW discs or ripping songs from audio CDs. A lot of 'em tend to break if someone sneezes nearby. And the near-eternity through which one has to suffer when opening Windows Explorer with a disc in the drive is almost enough to send me over the edge some days—it's the slowest thing my otherwise-fast PCs do. Don't even get me started on how ugly drive covers can pollute the looks of a home-built PC.

So when Shuttle's 10X DVD drive arrived, I was wary. Would the addition of fancy-schmancy 10X DVD capabilities come at the expense of basic CD-ROM capabilities? Read my review to find out...

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