BioShock gold, PC demo coming this month

Those looking forward to Irrational Games' upcoming first-person action game BioShock—the Unreal Engine 3-based "spiritual successor" to the System Shock series—have had their fill of good news over the past few days. On Friday, the studio announced that BioShock had gone gold, and on Sunday, an Xbox 360 demo of the title became available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. BioShock is still scheduled to hit stores on August 21 for both the PC and Xbox 360, but now the folks at publisher 2K Games have spoken out on their plans for a PC demo of the game.

They say the PC BioShock demo is "in the final stages of testing and approval" and add, "everyone is working at full capacity to deliver it to you before the game hits store shelves on August 21st." Failing that, it looks like the demo will roll out later this month. In the meantime, a launch trailer for the game is available on in either high definition or standard definition.

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