Howdy all. Apologies for the slow trickle of news items this week. It seems like everyone in the industry went on vacation at once, and that includes one of our own staffers. Meanwhile, I have everybody else slaving away in the August heat on other projects, leaving us little time to dig up what news there might be. We should return to normal again next week.

I think part of the reason for the lull is that everyone is gearing up for the next four months, which look to be incredibly loaded with new stuff. We should have new Barcelona-based server and desktop processors from AMD and probably 45nm CPUs from Intel. On the graphics front, it'll be time again for a generational refresh, and I also expect new core-logic chipsets from all three of the big dawgs. Those new chipsets should trigger a deluge of new motherboards, and—yikes—we're also looking at the release of Bioshock, UT3, Quake Wars, and Crysis. Could things possibly get any better? I dunno when any of us around here will actually get to sleep, though. Perhaps January.

Anyhow, don't give up on us because we've had a slow week. We, too, are preparing for the coming four-month crunch that will end 2007 with a bang. Currently churning away in Damage Labs are four new CPU test rigs, equipped with the latest and greatest stuff. I've thrown out all of my old test results and started over with new graphics cards, new hard drives, 4GB of RAM per system, DDR3 memory for the Core 2 processors, some new test apps, and new versions of nearly all remaining apps and drivers. I'm hoping to have the first few sets of results coalesce into review-like form some time soon. Stay tuned.

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