Saturday Shortbread


  1. Tech ARP on AMD's Barcelona: to launch or not to launch?
  2. Ars Technica considers gaming on the Mac: once maligned, now showing signs of improvement
  3. PC Perspective has GRAW2—Ageia PhysX PPU update
  4. HEXUS reports that PS3 hacked... well, exploited
  5. Guru3D's PC buyer's guide summer 2007
  6. Phoronix on Linux for older PC hardware
  7. Primotech reviews BioShock for Xbox 360
  8. bit-tech on the world of indie games

  1. X-bit labs on AMD's K10 microarchitecture.
  2. shares memoirs of a 2900 XT CrossFire system
  3. BIOS reviews Apple iMac (4th gen)
  4. Madshrimps review ASRock ConRoe1333-DVI/H with Core 2 Duo E2140
  5. Overclock3D reviews Asus EAH2600XT and EAH2600Pro—AMD midrange performance
  6. accelenation reviews Samsung BDP-1200 Blu-ray player
  7. bit-tech reviews Wolf King™ Warrior ultimate FPS gaming pad
  8. HotHardware reviews Corsair VX450W PSU
  9. [H] Enthusiast on BFG Tech ThermoIntelligence custom cooling solutions
  10. Overclocker Café reviews CoolIT Freezone CPU cooler
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