Pentium 4 to arrive in late November

Just about everybody is now reporting that the Pentium 4 will be released in late November, including this report at SharkyExtreme, which includes info on Intel's latest P4 revision:
Named B1 prime, the new samples are going into production in week 41 and should be available in week 42. Intel's customers are being told to continue their validation testing using the B1 stepping of ICH2, and that B1 prime will not require any BIOS or motherboard design changes.
Looks like Intel did indeed decide to lay low and play it safe through the holiday season. Sharky's also has a bit about the death of the Timna project and the rise of its replacement, a 100MHz-bus Celeron. Coupled with an integrated chipset, this chip should fill the Timna's role nicely, while fitting in better with the budget market's general direction.
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