G965 chipset gains hardware vertex processing

Intel's G965 integrated graphics chipset wasn't exactly a great choice for gamers when it came out earlier this year. The IGP couldn't run some games, and it relied on the system's CPU to handle vertex processing in the ones it did run. However, Intel revealed a while back that it was working on a driver to enable hardware vertex shading on the G965.

The company has now released the final version of that driver, which is available on this page on Intel's download site. The driver allows users with G965 integrated graphics to enjoy higher gaming performance and to play games like Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, and Far Cry. Only Windows XP is supported right now, though—a Vista version of the same driver will reportedly be out "soon."

For those interested, Intel has put up a video of some of those games running on a G965-based system with the latest driver over on YouTube.

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