Toshiba offers 320GB mobile drive

Toshiba has announced (PDF) a new line of 2.5" mobile Serial ATA hard drives available with capacities up to a whopping 320GB. The MK-52GSX packs up to 160GB per platter, spins at 5,400RPM, and sports 8MB of cache. It also includes a free-fall sensor that can help the drive survive falls greater than 10 inches when installed in a compatible laptop.

If you're looking for something a little faster than the 5,400-RPM MK-52GSX, Toshiba has also announced a 7,200-RPM MK-49GSY hard drive with capacities up to 200GB. A beefier 16MB cache is also on the menu for the 49GSY, and its claimed media transfer rate of 895.9Mbps is nearly 100Mbps faster than that of the 52GSX. However, despite differences in spindle speed, Toshiba says both drives offer average seek times of 12 milliseconds.

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