TR Forum Tidings: Waiting for Penryn

Our featured forum thread this week comes from the depths of TR's Intel Realm forum, where gerbil newbie Waspinator has posted a thread to inquire about whether he should wait for Intel's upcoming 45nm processors—a.k.a. Penryn. The question may be simple enough, but it is interesting nonetheless. Penryn seems to be just a few months away, so some folks might feel inclined to postpone a processor purchase until its release. Indeed, Intel's 45nm process should guarantee higher clock speeds, lower power consumption, and quite possibly higher overclocking potential.

However, AMD's quad-core Phenoms should be out by the end of the year and they might just give Penryn a run for its money. Some also reckon that waiting several months for a hardware purchase just isn't a good bet; after all, there's always something right around the corner. What's your stance on the issue? Would you buy a chip now, or are you more the "wait and see" type? Feel free to hit our forums to share your thoughts. You can register a forum account here if you don't already have one.

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