AMD cooks up new mid-range Radeon cards

The Radeon HD 2900 XT arrived about three months ago, and the Radeon HD 2600 and 2400 series have been around for a month or so. However, Nvidia is still pretty much the only contender offering modern graphics cards for between roughly $175 and $350 today. Luckily for fans of the red team, AMD plans to fill the gap with Radeon HD 2900 Pro and Radeon HD 2900 GT graphics cards some time in September or October, according to VR-Zone.

VR-Zone quotes a source known only as "CJ" as saying both upcoming cards will be based on the same R600 graphics processor as the HD 2900 XT but will feature half the number of stream processors—in other words, 160. Information about the 2900 GT is reportedly scarce, but the site says the 2900 Pro will run around 600MHz, feature a 256-bit memory interface, score 8000 to 9000 points in 3DMark06, and come with a $249 price tag.

The same site also has word of a Radeon HD 2950 Pro scheduled for either the end of this year or the beginning of the next. The 2950 Pro will be based on the new RV670 graphics processor built on 55nm process technology. This card will be outfitted with 320 stream processors, a 256-bit memory interface, and come in two flavors: one running at 825MHz with 512MB of 1.2GHz GDDR4 memory, and the other clocked at 750MHz with either 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory at 900MHz. Prices are expected to range from $199 to $249.

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